About Me

Hello World. My name is Major.

I’m a sysadmin by day and a creator by night. I’ve always been fascinated by technology.

Today, technology is in an explosive state of disruption with new discoveries, progress, and game-changers awaiting at every corner in every field of work imaginable. There’s no better time to make an impact in the world than today.

I believe that the greatest benefit of technology is its speed and limitless reach and impact. Beyond that, the most powerful benefits stems from how we can use it to connect, communicate, and most importantly help each other reach our goals in life.

My goal is to create a platform that will help us find our desires, start our goals, and share our experiences, of failure or success, these experiences are worth sharing and can be valuable for others to learn and grow from.

The start of my Journey will begin with playing in the waters of software development, familiar territory for sysadmins. As my Journey unravels, I will be documenting and sharing my unrefined experiences along the way; the challenges, obstacles, lessons-learned, and ultimately, taking you Inside The Making of my potential as a coder, programmer, or even software engineer.

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